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IP intercoms in the hospitals and other public building

With thousands of staff and members of the public having access to our hospitals on a daily basis it can be a difficult task to monitor and prevent access to certain areas. By installing IP Door entry systems it is now possible to secure many sensitive areas such as medicine stocks, medical records and staff areas whilst at the same time allowing management to provide immediate access to authorised personnel.

Importantly IP access systems can provide a cost-effective, scalable and reliable solution which are essential factors for large non-profit organisations.

Controlling access to the public may also be required in hospitals and other public buildings. And with a range of simple single button IP door entry units a member of staff will be able to grant access from their desk via their telephone keypad or computer. There are also various models with visual signalling alerts which are ideal for users that are hard of hearing ensuring they have the same smooth experience as other users.

Important features to consider

  • Staff areas:
    • High security
    • Access control via RFID or keypad entry
    • Attendance tracking / Time management systems to record all entry and exit of employees
    • Time restrictions
    • Authorisation restrictions to certain areas
  • Public areas:
    • Visual signals for those who are hard of hearing

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Case Studies:

  • Gradwell Communications
    Gradwell use the ProTalk IP Door entry system as both an access control system as well as a staff monitoring system using the integrated RFID proximity reader and allocated tags.


2N Helios IP Vario2N IP Vario
Perfectly combines advanced technology with an elegant design

2N Helios IP Verso2N IP Verso
Modular system for a bespoke solution with visual alerts

2N Helios IP Safety2N IP Force
Sturdy IP intercom with reliable security for your building entrance

2N Helios IP uni2N IP Uni
Simple units available with 1, 2 buttons model also available with visual signals