Configuration and Support Documents


Snom Support

Most Snom problems are solved by checking that you have a reasonable Firmware version, and by checking the manuals and FAQs available here.

Self help guides


Siemens Gigaset Support



Linksys/Sipura Support

Most Linksys ATA or phone problems are easily solved by reference to the user manual, our FAQ and the self help guides.

Self help Guides

Linksys ATA Admin Manual - Available on request to service provider and reseller customers only, please contact ProVu.

Sipura/Linksys Provisioning Manual - available on request to service providers and resellers only, please contact ProVu.

Old Sipura/Linksys Manuals.(pdf)

New Linksys Product Manuals.(pdf)

SPA-9000 IP-PBX Manuals.(pdf)


Leadtek IP Videophones.(pdf)

Other Products

Hitachi WIP-5000 Wi-fi Voice over IP telephone.(pdf)

Manuals For Version 2 Firmware

Intertex IX66+ And IX67 VoIP Access Devices.

UTStarcom F1000g WiFi Phone.(pdf)

UTStarcom F3000 WiFi Phone.(pdf)