ISDN Switch Off - Prepare with 2N | Prepare for the ISDN Switch Off

Preparing for the ISDN Switch Off with 2N

By the end of 2025, BT will be ready to complete its transition to VoIP technology. Ensuring a seamless shift for your customers' intercom systems, upgrading from outdated analogue lines to the new IP infrastructure, should be your foremost priority.

The significance of having access to the right product offerings and services cannot be overstated, especially as we approach a major transformation of the UK telecoms network in our lifetimes. 2N, introduced the world's very first IP intercom back in 2008. Since then, they have consistently raised the bar for IP technology, crafting a diverse array of premium IP devices. These include luxurious display intercoms, rugged anti-vandal intercoms, and sleek button intercoms designed for residential homes.

Why choose 2N’s IP intercom systems?

Fully VoIP Compatible
Forget proprietary solutions. All 2N intercoms and answering units support VoIP communication via the standardised SIP protocol. This makes the devices easy to register as an extension to any IP PBX or IP service provider - just like an IP phone.
Flexible and Integrated
Create a fully integrated access solution - 2N products are built on open protocols, so they’re easily integrated with all leading cloud/IP PBX platforms and can also be connected to VMS and other security platforms.
Modern and Convenient
2N’s VoIP-based door entry solutions offer advanced features that improve security and convenience – including HD video calling, remote access control, integration with mobile apps, and remote site management via a cloud platform – that last one will save you time and money!
If you want to expand your new 2N IP intercom system in the future – it couldn’t be easier! Adding new devices, upgrading existing ones to add new features – all of this is made possible thanks to the power of 2N’s IP technology.
Retrofit Ready
Working with listed buildings? 2N’s solutions are adaptable and, ready to retrofit with listed buildings and those hard-to-reach areas where installing cat5 cabling could be troublesome. With 2N’s 2-Wire Converter, you can simply connect 2N’s IP products to the existing analogue cabling, allowing you to provide your customers with high-quality video, crystal-clear audio and many more advanced features.
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