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Discontinued products

We are constantly updating our portfolio of products. Some of the items that have been discontinued do not have a direct replacement from the manufacturers, therefore we have created a guide below with our recommended replacements.

Please note as some of these recommended replacements are not a direct replacement some features may vary. Please check out the product information page to make sure the item has all the features you require.

snom Logo

Aastra / Mitel

Discontinued ProductProVu's Recommended Replacement
Aastra 6730iAastra 6731i
Aastra 6751iAastra 6731i
Aastra 6753iMitel 6865
Aastra 6755iMitel 6865 / 6867
Aastra 6757iMitel 6867
Gigaset Logo


Discontinued ProductProVu's Recommended Replacement
Gigaset R630H PROGigaset R650H PRO
Gigaset C430HGigaset C430HX
Gigaset SL400HGigaset SL750H PRO
Gigaset DE310 IP PROGigaset Maxwell Basic
Gigaset DE410 IP PROGigaset Maxwell 3
Gigaset DE700 IP PROGigaset Maxwell 10
Gigaset DE900 IP PROGigaset Maxwell 10
Gigaset SL610H PROGigaset SL750H PRO
Gigaset A510HGigaset A540H
Gigaset S510H PROGigaset S650H PRO
Gigaset N300AIPGigaset N300 IP**
Gigaset R410HGigaset R650H PRO
Gigaset C610HGigaset C430H
Gigaset E500HGigaset C430H
Gigaset E49HGigaset R650H PRO
Gigaset S810HGigaset S5650H PRO
Gigaset C300HGigaset C430H*
Gigaset SL78HGigaset SL750H PRO
Gigaset C59HGigaset C430H
Gigaset S79HGigaset S650H PRO
Gigaset A58HGigaset A540H
Gigaset A580IPGigaset A540H and Gigaset N300 IP
Gigaset C47Gigaset C430H
Gigaset C475IPGigaset C430H and Gigaset N300 IP**
Gigaset S68Gigaset S650H PRO
Gigaset S685IPGigaset S650H PRO and Gigaset N300 IP**
Gigaset HC4502N IP Uni

Please note:
*The C430H handset doesn't have the same hearing/visual impairment features as the E500H
**Unlike the N300AIP the N300IP does not have an inbuilt answer phone.

Cisco Logo

Cisco / Linksys

Discontinued ProductProVu's Recommended Replacement
Cisco SPA-525G2Cisco 8841, Cisco 8851 or Cisco 8861
Linksys 2102Cisco SPA122
Linksys PAP2TCisco SPA112
Cisco SPA-901Cisco SPA-301G
Cisco SPA-921Cisco SPA-303G
Cisco SPA-922Cisco SPA-502G
Cisco SPA-941Cisco SPA-303G
Cisco SPA-942Cisco SPA-504G
Cisco SPA-962Cisco 8841, Cisco 8851 or Cisco 8861
Cisco SPA-525GCisco 8841, Cisco 8851 or Cisco 8861
Linksys SPA-2002Cisco SPA112
Linksys SPA-2100Cisco SPA122
Linksys SPA-3000
Linksys SPA-3102
Panasonic Logo


Discontinued ProductProVu's Recommended Replacement
Panasonic KX-UT113Panasonic KX-HDV130
Panasonic KX-UT123Panasonic KX-HDV130
Panasonic KX-UT133Panasonic KX-HDV230
Panasonic KX-UT136Panasonic KX-HDV330
Panasonic KX-UT248Panasonic KX-HDV330
Panasonic KX-TGP500Panasonic KX-TGP600
Panasonic KX-TGP500Panasonic KX-TGP600
Panasonic KX-TPA50
Panasonic KX-A405

Please note: The Panasonic KX-TGP500 and KX-TGP600 are not cross compatible, therefore you cannot use the handsets and repeater with the base from a different solution.

polycom Logo


Discontinued ProductProVu's Recommended Replacement
Polycom IP321polycom VVX 201
Polycom IP331polycom VVX 201
Polycom IP335polycom VVX 301
Polycom IP450polycom VVX 301
Polycom IP550polycom VVX 401
Polycom IP560polycom VVX 411
Polycom IP650polycom VVX 501
Polycom IP670polycom VVX 601
Polycom VVX 1500polycom VVX 601 with a USB Camera module
ProTalk Logo

ProTalk / Alphatech

Discontinued ProductProVu's Recommended Replacement
ProTalk PT-Door01Alphatech Bold-T1
ProTalk PT-Door02Alphatech Bold-T2
ProTalk PT-Door01CAlphatech Bold-T1-C
ProTalk PT-Door02CAlphatech Bold-T2-C
RTX Logo


Discontinued ProductProVu's Recommended Replacement
RTX 4002RTX 4022
RTX 4002PRTX 4022P
Sangoma Logo


Discontinued ProductProVu's Recommended Replacement
Vega 5000Sangoma Vega 3000G
snom Logo


Discontinued ProductProVu's Recommended Replacement
Snom D745Snom D345 or Snom D785
Snom D710Snom D712
Snom MM3Eartec 308 with QD002 (P) bottom cable
Snom MM2Snom A100M
Snom 320Snom D345
Snom 300Snom D305
Snom 710Snom D710
Snom 720Snom D725
Snom 760Snom D765
Snom 715Snom D715
Snom M9*Snom M9r*
Snom 300 snow editionSnom 300 black
Snom 360Snom 320 or 370
Snom M3*Snom M9r*
Snom DECT repeaterRTX 4002 DECT repeater
Snom 821Snom 760
Snom 870Snom 760
Snom 370Snom 720

* Please note: the Snom M3, Snom M9 and the Snom M9r are not fully compatible with each other's bases and some features may be limited.

Yealink Logo


Discontinued ProductProVu's Recommended Replacement
Yealink CP860CP920
Yealink W56PYealink W60P
Yealink T48GYealink T48S
Yealink T46GYealink T46S
Yealink T42GYealink T42S
Yealink T41PYealink T41S
Yealink T27PYealink T27G
Yealink T40PYealink T40G
Yealink YHS32Yealink YHS33
Yealink EXP39/B
Yealink EXP38
Yealink T38GNYealink T29GN
Yealink T32GNYealink T29GN
Yealink T28PNYealink T29GN
Yealink T26PNYealink T27PN
Yealink T22PNYealink T23GN
Yealink T20PNYealink T21PN
Yealink VP530N
Yealink VP2009

Konftel Logo


Discontinued ProductProVu's Recommended Replacement
Konftel 300WKonftel 300Wx

Technicolor Logo

Technicolor / Thomson

Discontinued ProductProVu's Recommended Replacement
TG589vac v2Technicolor DWA0120
TG582n SBTechnicolor TG588v v2
TG582nTechnicolor TG588v v2

Plantronics Logo


Discontinued ProductProVu's Recommended Replacement
M175CEartec 308 with QD011 bottom cable

ProVu's Current Products


VoIP hardware: We supply a range of high quality VoIP products from the leading VoIP manufacturers.

telephone system

Telephone Systems: We supply a range of SIP telephone systems from SARK, Snom and Gigaset.

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More Discontinued Products

The following is for historical reference:

  • Snom 100
  • Snom 105
  • Snom 190
  • Snom 200
  • Snom 220
  • Siemens Gigaset C46
  • Siemens Gigaset C460IP
  • Siemens Gigaset S45
  • Siemens Gigaset S450IP
  • Linksys SPA-841
  • Linksys SPA-1000
  • Linksys SPA-1001
  • Linksys SPA-2000
  • Linksys WRTP54G
  • Intertex IX66 Router
  • Intertex IX67 Router
  • Leadtek BVP-8759
  • Leadtek BVP-8882
  • Leadtek BVP-8770
  • UTStarcom F1000g
  • UTStarcom F3000